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Are Oregon cannabis licenses transferable?

Yes, maybe, no?

The real answer is yes, in a roundabout way…

Oregon Liquor Control CommissionOLCC, Oregon Liquor Cannabis Commission, allows a person or entity to purchase a business that holds an active cannabis license, and when they do the State allows the buyer the opportunity to become licensed. So the licenses are not actually transferable in the sense that you get the seller’s license, but if a buyer meets the requirements of the State OLCC will issue the buyer a brand new license with a new license number under their entity’s name. A person or entity could also purchase the membership shares in an entity that holds a license and if that is more than 20% or more the OLCC will have to be notified and the buyer will have to be vetted. You can only change up to 50% of a license per license year, if you do, that triggers the change of ownership and new application process. Typically we do asset purchase agreements because the buyer doesn’t want to take on any possible liabilities of the seller.

How long does the process take?

The process is not quick and it fluctuates due to the State’s current backlog a limited number of people working on these transfers. Negotiations of the contracts also vary from transaction to transaction. Current timelines can be found on the state’s website, or by calling or emailing us. The listed dates on the site is the date of submitted applications the OLCC is working on.