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Seller Resources

Selling can be a daunting task…

With our list of professionals we market it easy!

Licensed Brokers

Please contact us for a list of verified Licensed Oregon Brokers.

Certified Public Accountants

BC Consulting
Ben Condon or Joe Bailey
503-303-3730, Ext. 1

Ritter & Guy CPAs
Jamie Ritter

Land Use

Lanier Land Consulting, LLC


Seller FAQs

Q: Do I need an Attorney?

A: We highly recommend using a cannabis-specific attorney to help navigate the state’s ever-changing rules. Ask we have several really good ones we work with on the daily.

Q: Who can qualify for a license?

A: Just about anyone. Oregon is pretty simple: Don’t be a felon, and make sure the funds being used are legitimate.

Q: For sale by owner or do I use a Broker?

A: Just like selling your house Brokers can offer a lot of services for a seller, but this isn’t any normal real estate transaction, so please contact us for a list of verified LICENSED Oregon Brokers that can help you!

Q: Can I buy a license?

A: Yes, but You are actually buying the business or the business’s assets and the OLCC gives you a chance to become licensed. You will typically have to fill out a brand new application and pay the $250 application fee to the state and a the license fee, dependent on the tier size when it is issued. In Oregon, Active licenses can be purchased and moved around the state. You can also buy a license and a property together.

Q: What about insurance?

A: We have worked with a local insurance company that can supply all your property and crop insurance needs. Title insurance for buyers is still everchanging, but we have found one company that will provide it for a handful of counties in the state, mainly the counties around the Portland area. Otherwise, we are out of luck, but no fear, we have figured out the next best thing without trying to sneak it through the federally insured title company. Trying to use a standard title company can cause multiple problems if real property is involved.

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